Mentoring Program for Healers

Many times I have been asked to teach what I do for others, and only a few have been able to take some of my classes since it was something I was not called to do very often. Lately, spirit has been inspiring me to start a Mentoring Program, which is not a weekend of learning how to do Pleiadian Lightwork, but more of my own personal system that has melded together many different traditions. The purpose is also to cultivate your own unique formula for healing and working with people. It may not be in a one on one capacity. It may be simply by holding a healing presence. Learning to bring your gifts to the forefront, can be a tricky thing, as well as a challenge to navigate in the real world. Whether you want to get paid to be a healer, or just be a force on this planet that emanates love, these are all aspects of utilizing your higher dimensional capacities to make change here on planet Earth. I am still developing the details of this program, including the cost, but it will entail coming to Florida 3 times in a year, and the Level one will last a year. You will have monthly check in and mentoring sessions, possibly twice a month. You meet with the group 3 times a year. I currently have 3 young women who are indigos wishing to begin. A huge aspect of my work will be initiating, from my Mystical Christ oriented lineage as well as my Taoist lineage. When I say Christ, it merely represents being an anointed one, one who holds total love at all times. Over the years, I have had to move through my own process for this and many of the missing pieces are falling into place now, which I believe is why I have been asked recently all at once by people to do this. If you are interested, just let me know.

With Light, Ariah